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Knowledge of glass magnesium and glass fiber duct

Glass magnesium air duct

Glass magnesium air duct is a new generation of environmental protection and energy-saving air duct, which can replace inorganic glass duct and glass fiber duct. The structure of the product is three-layer composite, i.e. two layers of high-strength inorganic materials inside and outside and a layer of thermal insulation material in the middle. The surface of glass magnesium composite air duct is smooth and smooth, and the air leakage rate is only 5% of that of general air duct, which greatly improves the air delivery efficiency. In the process of production, production, installation and use of this product, the glass magnesium composite duct does not produce harmful substances to the environment, no rust, no mildew, no dust accumulation, no dust and fiber of glass fiber duct; no odor, low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal insulation performance, good sound insulation and sound absorption performance, no noise generated by shrinkage and expansion of iron sheet air duct; non combustible and anti folding Pressure resistance, low water absorption, low temperature expansion, no moisture absorption deformation, service life up to 20 years.

As a popular product, glass magnesium air duct not only meets the market demand for traditional products, but also achieves the performance upgrading of inorganic composite by improving the energy-saving, fire prevention and environmental protection index parameters of inorganic composite materials. At present, the products have passed the "national fire protection building materials quality supervision and inspection center type inspection", "national building materials test center type inspection", and obtained the "building materials combustion performance grade (gb8624a) mark".
Glass magnesium air duct can be used in all kinds of HVAC ventilation pipe, smoke control duct, etc. Compared with the traditional inorganic composite duct, the glass magnesium composite duct has a significant cost-effective advantage and broad market prospects.
Features of glass magnesium air duct
1. The quality is stable and reliable
Glass and magnesium duct products have passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, established a complete quality management organization and product quality continuous improvement program, produced products in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9001:2000 quality management system, and set control points at each process stage for process control to ensure product quality
2. Excellent fire resistance
Glass magnesium air duct is composed of non combustible inorganic materials and thermal insulation materials by high-tech technology. It is A-class non combustible building material (composite material overall grade A) according to the national fire protection building material quality supervision and inspection center.
The special glue and accessories of glass magnesium air duct are class a non combustible materials.
3. Ultra high strength performance
The glass magnesium air duct has high strength, the bending strength is greater than 1.8 MPa, and can withstand the wind pressure of 2500 PA, which can meet the use of high, medium and low pressure air systems.
4. Excellent moisture and water resistance
Glass magnesium air duct is not afraid of water, and does not rust or corrode in wet environment. Even if immersed in water, it can still maintain high strength, and the wet strength is higher than 97%
5. Can effectively improve the ceiling net space
Glass magnesium air duct adopts non flange connection technology, which can improve the ceiling net space without flange height.
6. Light weight, reduce building load
The weight per square meter of glass magnesium air duct is 7.5kg, which is 25% lighter than that of iron sheet air duct, which can effectively reduce the building load.
7. Beautiful appearance
Glass magnesium air duct is connected by non blue, with flat bottom and beautiful overall. The weight of glass magnesium composite air duct is 7.5kg per square meter, which is 25% lighter than that of iron sheet air duct, which can effectively reduce the building load.
8. Improve indoor air quality
Glass magnesium air duct is not rusty, moldy, dust-free, does not breed bacteria, fungi, dust and fiber, no odor, does not produce granular, gaseous pollutants and biological aerogel, can improve indoor air quality. It has passed the inspection of authoritative department.
9. Class of environmental protection products, harmless to human beings
As a new type of green and environmental protection building materials, according to the idea of product production cycle assessment (LAC), our factory has taken effective environmental protection measures from the aspects of raw materials, process formula, energy consumption and emission in the production process, product recovery and so on. No matter in the process of production, manufacture, installation or use, the air duct does not produce substances that pollute the environment. Even in the case of fire, the smoke produced by the duct does not contain toxic substances and is harmless to human body. Therefore, the glass magnesium air duct is a kind of environmental protection wind pipe, which has obtained the national environmental protection mark.
10. Long life, saving long-term investment
Glass magnesium duct product design structure is reasonable, reliable performance, stable quality, service life more than 20 years
Glass fiber air duct is a new type of air duct developed for the application of new technology and new materials. It is based on superfine fiberboard and compounded by special processing. It has the advantages of light weight, small air leakage, fast production and installation, small space occupation, good ventilation and reasonable performance and price. In particular, its excellent heat preservation and noise elimination performance is preferred by the majority of users. Compared with the traditional process air duct, it can save about 20% of the pipeline system investment for users. Glass fiber duct composite glass wool board is cut, bonded, sealed and reinforced by sealing tape. The double protective layer of the composite glass wool board is glass fiber cloth, and the composite aluminum foil or the inner protective layer is glass wool board. Glass wool board is formed by centrifugation of glass fiber and resin glue, which is hot pressed and solidified. Normal specification of the board: density 70 ~ 75kg / m2, thickness 25mm. Because the composite glass wool board sandwich is porous light material, low heat seeking coefficient and large sound absorption coefficient, the glass fiber composite air duct has good heat preservation and sound attenuation performance; at the same time, the air duct has the characteristics of light material, construction cycle, fire prevention, moisture-proof, no harmful volatiles, beautiful appearance, long service life and low cost. Compared with galvanized steel duct and composite glass fiber duct with insulation, the project cost can be saved by more than 30%, not including the saved field elimination


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