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Feasibility analysis of double-sided color steel composite duct used in natatorium and purification plant

Feasibility analysis of double-sided color steel composite duct used in natatorium and purification plant
We all know that the swimming pool is a special place, and the air humidity is relatively high. In this way, in addition to considering the other performance of the air duct, the most important thing is to consider the anti-corrosion and rust of the air duct
The ability of corrosion and the water absorption of thermal insulation materials.
The following is a brief analysis of several existing ventilation ducts:
Type 1: glass fiber composite air duct type 2: aluminum foil polyurethane and phenolic air duct type 3: galvanized sheet plus secondary rubber plastic insulation air duct type 4: double color steel sheet composite air duct
First of all: the first kind of glass fiber composite air duct has a history of more than ten years in the market. The earliest manufacturer of glass fiber duct in China: kangdaxing fiberglass duct Co., Ltd., has been producing the duct for 17 years
One of the important reasons is that the air duct has obvious disadvantages: the outer wall of the air duct is easy to be damaged, and the finished product is difficult to protect. It is only suitable for medium and low pressure systems, and glass fiber cotton board is easy to absorb water
As the outer wall is easy to be damaged, glass fiber cotton is easy to be exposed, causing harm to human body. Therefore, we can see that the air duct is not suitable for swimming pools and purification places, but we do not exclude other advantages of the air duct
Performance: noise elimination and noise reduction is the inherent advantages of the air duct, beautiful appearance, light weight, convenient production and installation, which makes it play its due role in the market and some specific occasions.
Secondly: the second aluminum foil polyurethane and phenolic composite air duct is a new type of air duct material developed in recent years, with obvious advantages: the lightest weight, convenient production and installation, beautiful appearance, high-efficiency insulation, etc
characteristic. The disadvantages are: the rigidity is weak, the strength is poor, the protection of the finished product is difficult, the reinforcement is cumbersome, and it is not suitable for the high-voltage system. However, due to the high humidity of the air in the natatorium, the diameter of the air duct is relatively large and the wind pressure ratio is relatively large
Moreover, the insulation material is easy to dissolve water, which is not suitable for the site; the air duct of this material can also be used for the purification air conditioning of low and medium pressure systems, but the frequency of use is relatively good, and the general purification chemical industry
The wind pressure of Cheng is higher than that of ordinary air conditioning system
Now we come to the mainstream product which is used most in the market, galvanized steel secondary insulation air duct. His performance is well known to all. If used in the swimming pool, its disadvantages are obvious. Galvanized sheet, corrosion resistant
It is easy to rust and oxidize. The secondary insulation rubber and plastic has a high water absorption rate. With a long time, the heat preservation material is the brightest and increases. At the same time, the surface of the air duct is corroded. As a result, the insulation of the air duct is easy to fall off and the galvanized sheet is rusted and oxidized
And rust wear, seriously affect the service life of the air duct, so the air duct in the swimming pool is not suitable.
Finally, my opinion is that the double-sided color steel composite air duct is more suitable for swimming pool and purification engineering, but it does not mean that this kind of air duct is good, and other air ducts are excluded. Different places, different building selection
Different types of duct materials. From the following introduction, it is not difficult to see whether the air duct is suitable for these two places:
(1) Due to the mechanization and mould production of pipes and flanges, the perpendicularity and parallelism of pipe sections and flanges can be guaranteed. The consistency and interchangeability of pipes and flanges of the same size are good
The internal stress of the whole pipeline network will be less after installation, so as to improve the air tightness of the whole pipeline system and reduce the failure rate caused by the internal stress in the use process;
(2) The surface strength of the pipeline is similar to that of the galvanized iron sheet pipe, which is of course incomparable to that of the glass fiber composite board pipeline;
(3) Due to the use of double-sided color steel plate (surface spraying treatment) composite plate, in addition to good strength, its acid resistance, alkali resistance, rust resistance and other aspects are better than galvanized steel pipe;
(4) The rigidity of the double-sided color plate composite plate is much better than that of the galvanized sheet, so the phenomenon of "more meat and less meat" will not appear in the process of blanking (mechanization) and molding, thus eliminating the vibration caused by this
And noise;
(5) Because the whole plate bending is adopted in the forming process of this kind of pipe, the only joint is bonded and the inner and outer corners are riveted, so the biting process is cancelled, so the air tightness is quite good, especially in high-pressure operation
The performance should be better than the steel pipe (glass fiber pipe can not be used under high pressure);
(6) This kind of pipeline is one-time molding of pipeline and thermal insulation, which not only eliminates the tedious of artificial thermal insulation, but also its thermal insulation quality and effect are incomparable with artificial re insulation, and there will be no insulation problems
It is worth mentioning that the cancellation of this kind of pipeline insulation process can greatly reduce the labor cost and construction cost;
(7) Due to the use of PVC closed flange and the appearance of valve with double color plate as valve body, the problem of "cold bridge" in the pipeline will be completely solved;
(8) The connection of PVC closed flange is of card connection, which brings great convenience and speed to the connection of pipeline in site construction. This connection also greatly saves the installation space, and other pipelines do not
For possible installation space, such as when the top surface of the pipe is 10 cm away from the top of the house, the flange can also be connected smoothly (in this case, the insulation of steel pipe is more difficult to start);
1.1 energy saving performance of double-sided color plate composite air duct
(1) Good air tightness. The air leakage rate should be reduced by 70% - 80% compared with the national standard;
(2) Good thermal insulation. No air supply surface


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